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About Me

Hi! I’m a recent university graduate who is passionate about data science, economics, and archaeology. Born and raised in Manila, PH. Currently located in Chicago. I've most recently worked with the Huntington National Bank and Pangea.App. Current projects: Developing Data: Harnessing the Power of Data Science in Emerging Countries (New Degree Press, June 2019) ; Predicting Reoperation after Primary Revision of Traumatic Digit Amputation with Machine Learning Models co-authored with Neill Li and Selvan Kumar, and also a data science mentee at SharpestMinds working on a marketplace recommender system.

Previously interned with J.P. Morgan, CareerLAB, and Ayala Foundation. Currently looking for opportunities in data science, fintech consulting, and startups!


My professional and academic interests include business strategy and operations, data science and technology, startups, and academic research.

Recently, I graduated with a double degree in Economics and Archaeology and the Ancient World from Brown University, and am currently about to pursue a masters in data science. At Brown, I was a senior staff writer for the Intercollegiate Finance Journal, international co-chair for the Senior Class Gift, co-president for the Archaeology DigDUG, co-cultural chairwoman for the Filipino Alliance, research assistant to Dr. Rebecca Ryals for the Environmental Change Initiative, research assistant to Dr. Scott AnderBois for the Linguistics Department, member of the Graduate Consulting Club, member of the Economics DUG, member of IMP, BISC ambassador, and BUDS student worker. In addition, to cap off my senior year, I did an independent study with Professor David Weil about health and income, as well as an honors thesis advised by Professor John Cherry, Katherine Brunson, and Dr. Stephen Acabado.

I also briefly played on the Women’s Rugby Team as a rookie, as well as cheered on the Brown Cheerleading Team. In February 2017, I joined my first ever hackathon where my team made wearables that sense surroundings through changes in elevation. I modeled for the Brown Vietnamese Student Association a few times, wearing desings by Lanvy Nguyen.

Outside of Brown, I was also active as a mentor and executive team leader for CAMP Philippines, marketing intern for ToTheMarket!, junior mobile wizard for Globe Telecom, content marketing ninja for NovelShip (previously AthenaDesk), a startup housed in the NUS Enterprise, and youth member of the OLBL Commission on Youth.


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